Add our RiscPkg repositories to your RISC OS Packman

Here is how to add our repositories to your Packman to install software for free.

– On your Packman, if you haven’t done this already, first install !CACertificates (this is vital otherwise !PackMan won’t be able to access repositories that use HTTPS only!)

– If you can’t find !CACertificates on your PackMan sources, here is a link to a zip of it that has been fully tested with multiple !PackMan releases, you can download it with your browser and then unzip it in your !Boot.Resources:

– If you’ve installed !CACertificates on one of the previous steps, then make sure the Filer has seen it. Either reboot your RISC OS system OR go to !Boot.Resources and double click on !CACertificates

– Next step is add the packman repository to your list of repositories, by adding the following source:

For general users (this repo only has stable releases):

For betatesters only (this repo has software that may be unstable, only use it to test our code):


Q: Why do I need to install CaCertificates?
A: That is required for PackMan to be able to download packages over an HTTPS connection which is a good thing for you, ’cause it ensure nothing in between our server and your RISC OS system can temper with the package that you are downloading, so it’s for your safety.

Q: Is the software provided by the RISC OS Community fit for professional use?
A: No, all our software is Open SOurce and written for fun only. This doesn’t mean you cannot use it for professional uses if you wish to do so, but we do not take any responsability for software that may not work well in all situations, by downloading our software you accept to use it at your own risk.